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As a fully flexible platform we allow venues to put up offers during their off-peak times. we can help a venue to more than double revenue, and are a no-risk business model with no contracts, no upfront fees, not long-term obligations and no exit fees.


Offering you exclusive discounts at the best independent venues in your city. being a free download you can save at least 25% every time you use our app, what's more you help the local community gain by choosing a charity to donate back to, at no cost to yourself!


We want to give back to those less fortunate, that's why we make sure to give back a proportion of our revenue to charity. the users can chose the local charity that every month at least 10% of our profits will go towards. as a venue this benefit comes at no additional cost.

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We are a small team made up of our two founders Michael and Tom, our app developer and everything else man. We also have another Tom who takes care of our website, as well as Laurent and Mariangela, who are our feet on the ground in Samöens and Genève.